Intro J2T


You know know very simply here to return to the J2T made in here are the rules any person who enters this team can get any team and also that you return you must tell which category to take the time I need a boss in race-off by cons I seek not a noob I'll test at the end of its capacity smooth sailing for the next recruitment rules are if you made part of the team you need a car that is on Juiced 2 for the evidence you show the boss Shigeno if you are not cash SHIGENO will be possible to find one by cons if you're racing you typed but if you do not respect you ran every runner the same pilot Finally, another team you must have a team to enter the juiced 2 team and you must have some potential to be your category yes I forget to return the team to contact you his address quentin.drift @ and that person will prevent the boss class and you know everything


[J2T]TOHRU:Leader Drifter Gripper Race Off Mecano
[J2T]VAN:Drifter Moddeur

samedi 23 janvier 2010

S15 V3 J2T

BY Matheus-340

Paintjob by Shigeno

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